Just East of West


Director of Photography

Don Blackburn



Just East of West - Pippa McBride/Brennan McBride


Case Study: Healthcare In Focus 2.0 - Medicare Advantage

Client: AHIP (America's Health Insurance Programs)


Concept Development:

After the success of the first Healthcare In Focus series we produced for them, AHIP was eager to create a second series focused on the average consumer.  Working together, we settled on a more intimate, real-world feel than the previous graphic explainer video style. Everyone agreed that a combination of sympathetic characters and simple analogies would help demystify these complex topics.



The new direction for the series vastly increased the complexity of production, requiring multiple acting roles and locations.  We stepped outside of the controlled studio environment which meant we needed to source the correct lighting package to cover any scenario. The creative called for a camera in motion, so nearly all shots were captured with a Varicam LT on a Dana dolly on elevated track. DP Don Blackburn used Zeiss super speed primes to achieve the soft background and give it a more cinematic look.



The Healthcare In Focus 2.0 series is highlighted on the AHIP YouTube channel and in multiple other social medial outlets, resulting in high viewing numbers and the successful transmission of AHIP's messages.

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Healthcare In Focus 2.0

Medicare Advantage


AHIP (America's Health Insurance Programs)


This is the update of a successful series which Just East of West previously produced for AHIP.  It uses sympathetic characters and understandable analogies to explain health care concepts to the average consumer.


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