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Don Blackburn



Just East of West - Pippa McBride/Brennan McBride


Case Study: Health Care in Focus - Provider Networks

Client: AHIP (America's Health Insurance Programs)


Initial Concept Meeting:

AHIP's communications team wanted a way to explain health insurance concepts so they would be immediately accessible to the viewer. The video audience would be industry outsiders, such as lawmakers, health care providers, and consumers. Initially, AHIP had six specific topics to address, but they wanted leeway to be able to add to the series in the future at a reasonable cost.


Concept Development:

Health insurance is often perceived as overwhelming and complex. We knew that our aim needed to be "simplicity". We wanted the humanity of an on-screen narrator to add warmth and intimacy. We chose a white background as a blank slate for a series of animated icons to illustrate basic ideas. Keeping client needs in mind, this look would be a snap to duplicate later as new series episodes developed.



Initial script writing was done by AHIP staff, since industry knowledge was required. We worked collaboratively with staff members to maintain simplicity and clarity of language.



One jam-packed day in a studio was enough for us to capture the on-screen narrator for all six scripts. Multiple framings and focal lengths ensured that we would be able to edit between takes and maintain a positive pace.



"Simple" was our guiding principle. We mocked up a few different graphic looks for AHIP, including a casual sketch style and a flat icon style. The icon style echoed the AHIP web branding and was their final choice. We used minor animation to add a little pop, while keeping imagery focused on the main ideas.



The success of this series of videos has resulted in AHIP commissioning a new series aimed at individual consumers.

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Health Care in Focus -

Provider Networks


AHIP (America's Health Insurance Programs)


One of a series of videos explaining health insurance concepts using a host and motion graphic icons.


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